What information does Fitness22 collect?

Nothing. None. Nada.

What if I am in a Facebook app related to Fitness22?

Then you will see our posts to the group, and we will see yours. Just like any other open group. We still don’t collect any info at all.

How do we use the information that we collect?

We don’t.

How do we use the information that we see (such as your posts)?

We will gladly communicate with you when you want us to. We might answer a question, reply to a comment, or give thanks, praises, or virtual high fives.

Sharing of your Personal Information

That sucks. We don’t do that.

Cookies and Other Tracking Devices

We might use analytics with our website or apps, which helps us optimize the experience for you (basically, to make our website and apps better). This means that a cookie will be stored on your computer – this is a small text file that stores non-personal information, and this helps us know large scale statistics such as how often people visit our site, how they use it, etc. We dont know who the actual people are – just the trends of usage. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser settings to decline or delete cookies.

Is there anything else? something hidden & not being told?

Nope. There is nothing else.
We’re all about making good apps, thats all.

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