How to never miss a workout

The most important thing about getting fit and reaching your fitness goal is sticking to a routine. We all know getting off the couch can be difficult at times. But we’re here for you! 3 tips for sticking to your routine: Don’t change your life for fitness, fit fitness into your life. If you are not a morning person, don’t try to wake up early for your workout. Create a routine that suits you and workout during times that flow with your current schedule. Tell a friend or family member to ensure that you commit yourself to your fitness goal. You will be more likely to follow through with your plan if you say it to other people. Change your perspective. When you’re on the couch debating to wor

Health and Fitness Reporter Lori Corbin Talks Nutrition, Getting Started with Fitness and more

In our first Ask the Pros interview, we sit down with Lori Corbin the incredibly knowledgable and passionate health and fitness reporter for KABC-TV Eyewitness News. Lori has a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition, along with certifications in personal training and group exercise. She is also a member of the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. Her “Food Coach” program slimmed down notables like Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Billy Zane and a cast of soap stars. What made you want to study nutrition, sports medicine and personal training in the first place? I felt that I was happiest when I was moving, especially to music. I found and still do find it

Meet Becky, 52: New to Running, Now Running 5K’s

Meet Becky, a 52 year old who was new to running before trying out 5K Runner. Now, not only only has she finished running 5K, but has even downloaded our 5K pacer app to help improve her time! Despite being scared that she wouldn’t be able to finish the program, and getting worried at the prospect of having to run 20, 30 and even 35 minutes in a row, she did it! Her first 5K was just a tad over 40 minutes,a more than respectable time. Before searching for a beginner 5K running app, the only time that Becky had run was during the occasional snake sighting! Becky’s inspiration comes from her daughter who was a 4 time state cross country and track runner. She knew how much guts and determinati

Are you ready to run? How to stretch like a pro!

Get warmed up the right way Your muscles need to be primed and ready before your workout to best avoid injury. Focus on Dynamic Stretches, which is using controlled movements to loosen up your muscles while increasing heart rate & blood flow (the opposite would be static stretches). It activates the muscles you will use in your workout, while improving muscle performance & body awareness. Focus your warm up on the muscles you will be using during your workout. *if you’re going for a run, do these before your warm-up walk. Some of our fave dynamic stretches: The warm up: Arm Circles The muscles: Shoulders 1. Stand with your arms stretched straight out to your sides, parallel to the floor 2. M

Inspired by His Daughter, Read How Jose Lost 19 lbs Doing Push ups and Running

Push ups and running. That’s how Jose Luis Loyo has lost 19 lbs and went down just about two clothing sizes! After getting in shape, he is feeling much more energetic throughout the day- a great benefit of regular physical activity! When it comes to inspiration, Jose is inspired by his two year old daughter. He hopes that she won’t become a couch potato when she grows up and, with a great role model like Jose, we’re pretty sure she won’t! Having never been the “athletic type,” Jose says that his biggest struggle was just getting started, but that our 5K Runner helped get him jogging at a good pace. The most important step is always the first one! Jose before and after he started getting in s

Do you HATE mornings? 5 tips to help make them awesome

Are your mornings a mixture of hitting the snooze button and rushing around only to arrive late at work or wherever you need to be? Do you wish that you could somehow make the transition from your dreams to your hectic day a bit better and more productive? Here are 5 small tips that will help you make your mornings little nicer. 1. Try to wake up 1 hour before you have to look at a computer or phone screen Ok, an hour might be a stretch, but try to include a buffer zone between waking up and jumping onto your laptop or into your smartphone. When we jolt out of our dream states and into our day, it’s best that we take some time to collect our thoughts and think about our day, reflect on our d

How to properly tie your shoes for running [VIDEO]

Have you wondered what those mysterious “extra” holes at the top of your shoes are? Well, wonder no more! Youtuber Christopher Johnson has made a quick video that will help you learn how to properly tie your running shoes before your next couch to 5k jog. How do you tie your shoes? Was this technique new to you?

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