Start Your Day off Right: How to Have a Healthy Morning

Mornings are important to set the mood for your day, so having a healthy, invigorating morning will help you rise and shine better. Here are 4 tips for creating the perfect wake up routine. ​​ ​1. Drink lemon water – hydration is always a plus for your body, and adding lemon gives it an extra kick. Lemon not only tastes great, it also gives you a vitamin C boost that helps metabolism and skin. ​ 2.Take vitamins – the best ones to take give you energy (B12), help your mood and muscle health (omega-3) and boost your skin, nails and hair (vitamin E), so why not add these to your breakfast! 3. Wash your face – care for your skin in the morning to have a fresh face for the day. Splashing water on

How Long Does it Take to Get Out of Shape?

Everyone has skipped a workout at some point in their routine, and taking a break every now and again is completely fine! Plus rest days are very important for recovery and injury prevention. But it’s important to keep your breaks short because getting back into shape after a long time off can prove to be difficult. Long breaks can lead to strength loss and a lack of motivation to get back into a workout routine. It’s easier to bounce back after a break if you exercise regularly (4 to 5 times a week) for over a year because of muscle memory. For newer gym goers, consistency is key for building new habits, so try to keep your long workout breaks to a minimum. There are many other factors that

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