What to Eat After a Workout

When you start exercising regularly, you might want to revamp some of your eating habits after your workout to guarantee that you feel your best. If you’re hungry, don’t wait! Grab a snack after you sweat it out so you can recover and maintain your energy. Eggs are a great place to start. It is a complete protein food with amino acids for a fast recovery after your workout. Eggs are on average only around 70 calories each, and the amino acids help reduce muscle damage in the body. Some people like to leave out the yolk, but don’t! This is about half the protein and all the vitamin D resides there too. Another great post workout bite is avocado. They contain monounsaturated fat (yes, fat! But

Finding Your Pace

Running pace is a hard task to master. Many runners struggle with their pace and aren’t sure how fast to run, beginners and experts alike. When trying to increase running speed, it’s easy to end up injured or feeling burned out when done improperly. If you are new to running, first find your easy pace. This means finding a speed where you can run and hold a conversation without being out of breath (and not just yes or no questions, actual sentences!) Once you have found this pace, this is where you should be running during your training. These runs will help you build your endurance and strength. As you become more comfortable with these runs, you can begin incorporating speed work. Interva

Is Sleep Really That Important?

A lot of people don’t believe all the hype surrounding a good night’s sleep. If they are exercising and eating properly, then sleep is secondary, right? Wrong. You produce most of your growth hormones as you sleep. This hormone isn’t just linked to building stronger muscles, your growth hormone promotes fat loss, increases calcium retention (which helps with bone mass), supports your immune system and keeps your organs running smoothly. Sleep also balances your hunger-controlling hormones (yay!), meaning the more likely you are to get a good night’s rest, the less likely you are to wake up hungry. The more tired you are, the more energy you will need to stay active during the day. This can

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