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5 Tips to Squeeze a 30 Minute Workout into Your Busy Day

Finding time to squeeze a workout into your busy day is always challenging. We’re frantically busy from 9-5 and we come home to a world of distractions and commitments. Here are 5 quick tips that will make it easier to fit a 30 minute workout into your hectic schedule. This post will cover an evening jog after work, but we will share some tips for a morning jog in the near future. While we use running as an example here, these techniques can be applied to long distance running, body weight workouts and much more.

Plan ahead

From the second that your alarm clock jolts you out of sleep early on Monday morning to the moment that you breeze out of the office Friday afternoon, your week is packed full of distractions, commitments, chores and more. The best way to fit a workout into your tight schedule is by planning ahead. Take 10 minutes on Sunday, sit down and decide which 3 days you’ll run after work during the week. It helps to write them down on a piece of paper that you keep somewhere safe. Set aside an hour for each run to cover stretching, running, a cool down and shower.

Use positive reinforcement

Tell at least two friends, or coworkers, that you’re planning to run sometime throughout the day on your workout days. This will help not only motivate you to run, but could also get them off the couch and start running (sharing is caring, right?). Knowing that one or two people will ask you about your run the next day is a great way to steer away from all the distractions waiting for you at home and get you into your running shoes.

Don’t sit down!

When you get home, make sure that you avoid the urge to sit or lie down. Have your jogging outfit and shoes organized and somewhere convenient so you can get home, breeze through the house and be back out the door ready to run in minutes. Sitting down on the couch, or at the table, is like falling into a quicksand of countless interruptions.

Have your playlist ready to go!

The one of the most important tricks to squeezing in a workout into your busy day is eliminating as much decision making as possible. Set up a playlist on your phone that is ready to go before you even get home. Choose your most motivating songs for the beginning and end while aiming for about 45 minutes of songs you love. Whether it’s the screams and wails of guitar solos from the 1970’s or the heavy buildups of modern trance, let the music move you into a healthier lifestyle.

Know your workout!

Knowing exactly what you’re planning on doing for your run before you even start is crucial! Since your goal is 30 minutes of exercise, make sure that you’ve got a route planned out based on your previous runs and the pace that you’re capable of. Using an app like 5K Runner makes your workout even more effortless as you will not only hear audio instructions during your run, but also will have a workout plan in place that will help you get fit in just 3 times a week.

Stay tuned for our upcoming tips for squeezing in morning workouts and tips for waking up. What tips would you add?

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