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How to Warm-Up before a Run

We all are guilty of forgetting, or purposely, avoiding a good warm-up before running. As tempting as it is to skip that warm up and start the clock our bodies need the time to amp up.

There are many benefits we can attain from completely a proper warm-up. For starters, a it can help you sustain pace, prevent strains and injuries. It actually gives your joints and muscles the chance to loosen up so you can be more energized and keep speed throughout your entire run.

So you probably want to know, what makes a good warmup? At the very least, it is completely dependant on your running pace and distance. You need to match the level of warm-up to the intended effort for each kind of course you’ll be running. For example, the faster the run, the longer and more thoroughly your warm-up should be.

5 Fun & Effective Warm-Ups To Try Next:

  1. Loosen up your muscles with leg lifts

  2. Wake up your body with some crouches

  3. Before doing anything, stretch your legs.

  4. Get in some jumping jacks for increase running speed

  5. Start off with a power walk or slow jog for 2-5 minutes

A good warm-up will increase your heart rate, breathing and blood flow to your muscles, allowing you to work out more efficiently and see better results. Happy Running

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