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How to motivate yourself to go jogging

Do you need an extra “push” to get you into your workout gear and out the door? Are you constantly asking yourself “How do I motivate myself to go running?” Here are five simple tips to help you go from couch to 5k, or whatever your workout goal is, without a personal trainer.

1. Do it for the pictures

Seriously! Pick a beautiful route and snap some great photos while you’re jogging, walking or stretching before, or after, your run. The best photos often come at sunrise, so why not get up early, sneak in a workout and fill your friends’ Facebook feeds with pictures of the awesome sunrise that they slept through?

2. Play with distances

Once you’ve outlined your route, throw in an extra kilometer before turning back. Since you need to get back, you’re upping your workout by 2 extra kilometers. This may be simple, but it’s a great hack to “trick” yourself into running a longer distance.

3. Reward yourself! When you finish your run, reward yourself with something like a delicious fruit smoothie, a couple episodes of your favorite show or whatever you love to do, but can’t find enough time to do it. In his book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg outlines how actual and easily attainable rewards (like smoothies, or TV) can motivate some people much better than more generic and long terms goals like “losing weight” or “getting healthier.”

4. Write down how great you feel after your run!

In addition to making our bodies feel great, workouts like running tend to help us achieve new perspectives on a variety of subjects from day-to-day problems to even our broader goals. That lasting “runner’s high” can be as psychological as it is physical. After each run, take a moment to write in a journal, or notepad app, how great you feel. The next time the couch is more tempting than your running shoes, give this a read to motivate yourself.

5. Get a workout buddy!

Social pressure is one of the most motivating factors to get us to do… anything. Pick a buddy, set a time and even if you’re feeling the TV’s magnetic pull when you get home, knowing that you’ve made a social commitment will help you lace up your running shoes and get out of the house.

What helps motivate you to run?

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