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Do you HATE mornings? 5 tips to help make them awesome

Are your mornings a mixture of hitting the snooze button and rushing around only to arrive late at work or wherever you need to be? Do you wish that you could somehow make the transition from your dreams to your hectic day a bit better and more productive? Here are 5 small tips that will help you make your mornings little nicer.

1. Try to wake up 1 hour before you have to look at a computer or phone screen

Ok, an hour might be a stretch, but try to include a buffer zone between waking up and jumping onto your laptop or into your smartphone.

When we jolt out of our dream states and into our day, it’s best that we take some time to collect our thoughts and think about our day, reflect on our dreams and ease into the morning before we overload ourselves with today’s news, yesterday’s emails and whatever else overloads and overwhelms us first thing in the morning.

2. Get out of bed the second your alarm clock starts ringing

This is not easy, but practice makes perfect. How many alarms do you have set right now? Do you punch your snooze button like a boxer practicing for a prize fight? This needs to change if you want to capitalize on your morning because the extra minute or two, or five, of snooze will just make it harder to get out of bed and eat away precious time to accomplish awesome things… like setting small goals…

3. Stretch

Once you’ve gotten out of bed, slowly raise and outstretch your arms like a sprinter that just won at the olympics. This will energize your body and get you ready to conquer your day. Spend 30 seconds like this while taking deep breaths and thinking about a few things that you are thankful for.

4. Write down on a piece of paper three goals that you want to accomplish today

Find a piece of paper and write down three items from your to do list that you’ve been putting off. Focus on these tasks throughout the day and check back in at the end of the day to see what you’ve done! This is a great way to spend that “screen free buffer time” before you check your email.

5. Make sure you get a great sleep!

Most people don’t invest enough in their sleeping setup. Think about it, we spend around a third of our lives lying in bed so why not spoil ourselves? Buy a great pillow, make sure your sheets are the comfiest (Egyptian 400 count cotton is amazing) and have a bottle of water next to your bed because our bodies get dehydrated when we sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try out our Sleep Pillow white noise app which will rock you gently to sleep with a variety of different sounds, like rain, waves and more.

What’s your secret to your morning success?

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