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Inspired by His Daughter, Read How Jose Lost 19 lbs Doing Push ups and Running

Push ups and running. That’s how Jose Luis Loyo has lost 19 lbs and went down just about two clothing sizes! After getting in shape, he is feeling much more energetic throughout the day- a great benefit of regular physical activity!

When it comes to inspiration, Jose is inspired by his two year old daughter. He hopes that she won’t become a couch potato when she grows up and, with a great role model like Jose, we’re pretty sure she won’t!

Having never been the “athletic type,” Jose says that his biggest struggle was just getting started, but that our 5K Runner helped get him jogging at a good pace. The most important step is always the first one!

Jose before and after he started getting in shape with Fitness22 apps

Jose’s advice for anyone wanting to get off the couch and start running is “take it slow and keep at it!” Jose fuels his workouts with Foo Fighter’s “The Pretender,” a high energy track that’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Keep up the awesome work Jose, as Dave Grohl sings in your favourite workout track, “ you’re definitely not just another one,” you rock!

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