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Are you ready to run? How to stretch like a pro!

Get warmed up the right way

Your muscles need to be primed and ready before your workout to best avoid injury.

Focus on Dynamic Stretches, which is using controlled movements to loosen up your muscles while increasing heart rate & blood flow (the opposite would be static stretches). It activates the muscles you will use in your workout, while improving muscle performance & body awareness. Focus your warm up on the muscles you will be using during your workout.

*if you’re going for a run, do these before your warm-up walk.

Some of our fave dynamic stretches:

The warm up: Arm Circles

The muscles: Shoulders

1. Stand with your arms stretched straight out to your sides, parallel to the floor

2. Make about 3-inch wide circle with your arms

3. Do 10 circles then switch directions and do 10 more

The warm up: Walking Lunge

The muscles: Quadriceps & Hip Flexors & Hamstrings

1. Place your hands on your hips

2. Step forward by bending your front knee to about a 90 degree angle, with your back knee almost touching the floor

3. Step your back foot forward, switching sides and repeat -1 set is 10 reps (5 for each side). Do 2 sets

Want more?

Click HERE for more tips and tricks for the ultimate warm up routine.

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