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Meet Becky, 52: New to Running, Now Running 5K’s

Meet Becky, a 52 year old who was new to running before trying out 5K Runner.

Now, not only only has she finished running 5K, but has even downloaded our 5K pacer app to help improve her time! Despite being scared that she wouldn’t be able to finish the program, and getting worried at the prospect of having to run 20, 30 and even 35 minutes in a row, she did it! Her first 5K was just a tad over 40 minutes,a more than respectable time.

Before searching for a beginner 5K running app, the only time that Becky had run was during the occasional snake sighting!

Becky’s inspiration comes from her daughter who was a 4 time state cross country and track runner. She knew how much guts and determination it took to compete on such a high level and always admired her daughter for it. Becky is also inspired by the stories on the internet, just like her’s, about beginner runners starting out and accomplishing their goals.

When it comes to advice for new runners, Becky says, “Don’t give up and follow this app because THIS WORKS!!! Gotta be consistent with your workout though…no slacking!”

Becky’s runs are powered by the funky beats of Elton John and the BeeGees!

Great story Becky! Keep up the great work. we’re sure that this story will inspire many others to start and finish their own fitness journeys! Keep up the great work and, as Elton John says, “Live for each second without hesitation!”

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