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How to never miss a workout

The most important thing about getting fit and reaching your fitness goal is sticking to a routine. We all know getting off the couch can be difficult at times. But we’re here for you!

3 tips for sticking to your routine:

  1. Don’t change your life for fitness, fit fitness into your life. If you are not a morning person, don’t try to wake up early for your workout. Create a routine that suits you and workout during times that flow with your current schedule.

  2. Tell a friend or family member to ensure that you commit yourself to your fitness goal. You will be more likely to follow through with your plan if you say it to other people.

  3. Change your perspective. When you’re on the couch debating to workout or not, don’t think about the workout itself – don’t imagine the machines, the sweating, or the path ahead – just get yourself dressed and out the door. Once you’re ready to go, you’ll realize it’s not as dreadful as you thought. And remember: each day you are one step closer to your goal!

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