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What are the benefits of pullups and long runs?

Looking to take your body to the next level? Challenge yourself to 20 pullups and work up towards a 21K half marathon! These apps have hundreds of thousands of downloads on iOS and are FREE for a limited time on Android.

Pullups are an incredible exercise for countless reasons, but nothing beats how convenient they are. Other than your body, a bar and some motivation nothing else is needed to get through this fundamental compound upper body exercise. Increasing muscle growth depends on increasing the intensity of the exercise and it’s simple when it comes to pullups, just add more reps!

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It’s no secret that long runs are packed with benefits. One of the greatest aspects of long distances endurance running is that these runs teach the body to burn fat as fuel which results in weight loss. Outside of your muscles, running for long distances helps us really increase our mental toughness and coping mechanisms that build our confidence both on and off the race track!

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