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How to Squat Properly: Tips and Benefits from Squats

The Proper Way to do Squats

With summer on the (distant) horizon, it’s important to understand and start working out to reach whatever your goal is. One great workout, that you can do anytime, anywhere, is air squats. While they seem simple enough, the question of “how to do a proper squat” seems to always come up, so we’re here to make it simple. Once you read this and know how to squat properly, be sure to download our Squats Workout App so you can start kicking butt in your own squat workouts today! Click here for our Squats Workout app for iOS.

The benefits of squats (also know as body weight squats, or, air squats) are numerous. Squats are a great way to boost your heart rate while getting in a great lower body workout. Some more benefits of doing proper squats include fat burning, improving our sense of balance, boosting our ability to jump high and run fast and even toning your entire backside, abs and lower body.

How to Squat Properly

The simplest squat steps can be found over at our friends at 12minuteathlete.com which is full of great fitness tips. They’re completely right when they say that a proper squat will “bulletproof your body!”

  1. Stand up straight with your feet just wider than hip length apart and your toes pointing slightly outward.

  2. Start by pushing out your butt behind you like you’re sitting down in a chair while making sure that your weight is on your heels and your knees are over your toes.

  3. Lower yourself so that your thighs are lower than parallel to the ground, or if this is too hard, as low as you can go. Keep your knees outward. As you come down, raise your arms out in front of you, but no higher than 90 degrees. Keep your back straight.

  4. Flex your legs and butt as you raise yourself back up and as your rise up, bring your arms back down to your sides.

Do you have any tips? Post them in your comments below and share this with any friends of yours that you think could be benefitting from proper squats!

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