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Start Your Day off Right: How to Have a Healthy Morning

Mornings are important to set the mood for your day, so having a healthy, invigorating morning will help you rise and shine better.

Here are 4 tips for creating the perfect wake up routine. ​​

​1. Drink lemon water – hydration is always a plus for your body, and adding lemon gives it an extra kick. Lemon not only tastes great, it also gives you a vitamin C boost that helps metabolism and skin. ​

2.Take vitamins – the best ones to take give you energy (B12), help your mood and muscle health (omega-3) and boost your skin, nails and hair (vitamin E), so why not add these to your breakfast!

3. Wash your face – care for your skin in the morning to have a fresh face for the day. Splashing water on your face jump starts your morning and makes you feel ready to conquer anything.

​4. Morning stretches – it doesn’t have to be a full on yoga session, but a few good stretches when you step out of bed will really wake your body up and feel amazing.​​​​

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