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Let’s Talk About Weight Loss

Every weight loss journey starts with believing in one simple truth: you CAN transform your body! Most people just do it the wrong way: either too fast, too impatient or too unrealistic. Weight loss success comes from learning how to overcome times of despair and blocking out negative thoughts. It may seem impossible to some, but this is not an impossible mission!

During the initial weight loss phases, people often see results – they can physically see the weight change (yay!). But this rapid change does not last. At some point, your progress will stall. You won’t see changes in your body and this can be a devastating blow, but just because you aren’t seeing change does NOT mean that it’s not working – it is still working! This is the hard part, the point where most people give up and quit. However this plateau period is normal and a necessary part of the weight loss process. During the weeks where you see no weight change, don’t fret, your metabolism is still reaping the benefits of the diet and exercise even if you can’t see it.

The biggest challenge? The fact that your body does not like change! The body thrives on keeping homeostasis, meaning the body doesn’t like being taken out of its comfort zone. When change occurs in your body, it will try everything to get you back to ’normal’, or your set point in weight. This process is called set-point theory. Your body wants to cling on to what is familiar, so when you try to lose weight, your body fights it. But these set points in your body are not set in stone! If you can hang in during the hard times and fight your body’s resistance, then you will prevail! You’re body will create a new set point and it will believe this is the new normal.

What this all means is that you should not expect to lose all the weight you want in 1 week, 30 days, or 2 months, it will be a 6 – 12 month journey. Be patient and even during the weeks that you don’t see change, do not give up! Don’t be hard on yourself when the change you expected to see is not happening, but rather change your mind set to realize this will be a long process. Your body needs time to change, so remember, you’re in it for the long run!

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