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Finding Your Pace

Running pace is a hard task to master. Many runners struggle with their pace and aren’t sure how fast to run, beginners and experts alike. When trying to increase running speed, it’s easy to end up injured or feeling burned out when done improperly.

If you are new to running, first find your easy pace. This means finding a speed where you can run and hold a conversation without being out of breath (and not just yes or no questions, actual sentences!) Once you have found this pace, this is where you should be running during your training. These runs will help you build your endurance and strength. As you become more comfortable with these runs, you can begin incorporating speed work.

Interval training is a great way to increase your running pace and your distance. This means you will be alternating between walking, running, and sometimes fast running. Your faster running speed should be slightly faster than your easy pace, but remember: always listen to your body and don’t push too hard, do what feels right for you – every person’s speed will be different. Interval training is so effective because you are constantly switching from one muscle group to the other (running vs walking), so you are strengthening more muscles than a regular run. Your body doesn’t know what’s coming next so your heart will always be pumping and your lungs will work overtime. It also makes your run more exciting! Mixing up your pace keeps you on your toes and gets you looking ahead to your next speed change rather than looking ahead for the end of your run.

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