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Health and Fitness Reporter Lori Corbin Talks Nutrition, Getting Started with Fitness and more

In our first Ask the Pros interview, we sit down with Lori Corbin the incredibly knowledgable and passionate health and fitness reporter for KABC-TV Eyewitness News.

Lori has a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition, along with certifications in personal training and group exercise. She is also a member of the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Her “Food Coach” program slimmed down notables like Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Billy Zane and a cast of soap stars.

What made you want to study nutrition, sports medicine and personal training in the first place?

I felt that I was happiest when I was moving, especially to music. I found and still do find it very empowering. And I also saw that movement alone wasn’t enough to reach optimum health. The fuel angle is first and foremost.

What kind of workout schedule do you try to keep?

I teach two metabolic fitness classes a week at the Bay Club, Santa Monica. I do a 5 mile hike with my Doberman on Sundays, then twice a week I meet with gal pals to do strength training at the gym.

You’ve been reporting on health and fitness for awhile, what’s the most interesting story that you’ve covered?

Tough call! Twenty plus years covering fitness I can’t name just one. But I love the ‘innovators.’

Those who’ve made changes in the way we move. The arrival of the BOSU, the Gliding Discs, TRX, ‘Anti-Gravity’ yoga, Stand up Paddle Pilates – those kinds of inventions have kept fitness hot.

What is a major common mistake that you see beginners make when they start working out?

Too much too soon. Generally those deconditioned didn’t get that way overnight. Slow and steady PLUS enjoyment is going to win that race.

What role do you think technology, and access to technology, is having on today’s “mobile generation?” Is it more a distraction or inspiration?

For those who like apps and wearable trackers I say ‘power to you.’

I am not one to stay with those things, but when I have worn them, I loved seeing the results. For those with that detailed personality I think they are wonderful.

What do you prefer? Running indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors no question. Being in nature, unstable surface, variety in scenery, real air!

Any nutrition tips for people who are just starting their fitness journeys?

Much like the question about beginners in exercise, I’d say take care in how you move forward. Think of food as FUEL not nutrition. Feed yourself like a super fine car. Eat for the rest of your life so you don’t have to go ‘on’ then ‘off,’ something. If weight is an issue more protein and produce AND good fat, less refined carbohydrates and processed food.

Anything you would like to add?

I’d remind people that there most likely will be something in the realm of movement that they like to do. Find it. If classes or machines aren’t your thing, look elsewhere.

Today we would do best to think less about EXERCISE and more about total daily MOVEMENT. So to that I say run when you can walk, stand when you can sit, dance if you hear great music.

Give yourself permission to take ONE MINUTE MOVEMENT breaks in your day. They mentally and physically will get you where you want to be faster.

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