Irene Lea Brown

Started day one of 10k today!! I was so excited that I could actually get through it!! Great app!

Sylvie Dany Dion

Did my first 5k color run yesterday! Thanks to the 5k app. Finished with a time of 32:14.

Kath Baker

Whoop whop! Just completed my first 5k run! Great way to start a bank holiday weekend! Excellent app, thank you.

Jose L Loyo

I started on April 11 and finally built up the courage to run my first 5K. I have lost 19 lb and feel great. I just started the push ups program. Thanks!

Terri Ludlow

Did my first 5k today thanks to your training app!!!

Sam Coombs

Just want to say thank you so much… Started the c25k app about 4 months ago… It’s taken me a lot longer than others to complete it, as repeated runs, holidays, illness etc, but last week I managed to complete the app, just in time for Race For Life 5K run today which I managed to run the whole way. Every run I was scared omg 1.5 mins…omg 3 mins…omg 5 mins… Well today…omg 44.50 mins, finally realising how far I have come and all I have achieved all thanks to your app. So thank you!

Joshua Snapp

I wanted to say thank you! I started your program back around the beginning of the year. And even some stops and starts for various uncontrollable reasons I reached my first goal, I ran my first 5k yesterday, ran the entire race and finished strong! You guys gave me a foundation to build upon! Now my sights are set on the Haunted Half marathon this October where I live. Thanks for the boost! #staymotivated #stayactive #justrun #youvsyou

Fauzia D’Souza

8 weeks ago I could not run for more than two mins without people asking if I needed help! No kidding.

The last time I ran was when we played kiss chase at school I was 7 and ran fast as the boys were ugly.

Today I ran towards my next stage of 10k…

Robert Smith

Hi guys, I’m almost 48 and had been relatively inactive for a long period of time….. I started using the 5k runner app about 12 months ago and after completing it I moved to the 10k version.

On the weekend I completed my first 14k running event with a time of just over 1:30 hours… I’m now back to using the 5k app for interval training and prep for my first half marathon in 2 months time…. Keep up the good work, it never gets easier but you get stronger with every run!!!

Jodie Calvert

Thanks to your fabulous app, today I have completed a 5k run on the treadmill (no stopping or walking)! I can hardly believe it.

In October I gave birth to my daughter. Immediately afterwards I had serious haemorrhaging and needed a blood transfusion to replace the SIX pints of blood I lost. Everything turned out ok, but for a long time I was physically unwell and unable to consider any form of exercise.

On 1st March I decided it was time to try running again. It was hard; I had to start from scratch again and it hurt. But your app had the right balance between easing me in gently and providing the motivation I needed. I encourage anyone to try this app if they want to start running, it really does start at square one. Thanks again!

Lauren Petroski

Completed the 5k runner!!! I ran my first 5k last wknd and placed third in my age group!!! Never thought I could do this…love this app. Now onto 10k runner.

Tonya Tallen

I have a 5k race today at 9:30 and even though I can’t run the whole time (yet) I will run over half! Your app is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement!

Gerald Ann

When I started the training, I never thought I would end up running everyday. Thank you 5k app team!

Sarah Ledbetter

This is my second 5k, but it was the first one I ran the entire way. When I started last October I was 10 pounds heavier, had just quit smoking, and hadn’t worked out in over 10 years. I couldn’t even run a minute without gasping for breath.

Thank you so much for the app! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without it!

Katherine Speirs

I did it! Thank you 5K Runner! I have completed my first ever full 5k run today – I had never really done any proper running until I started the app at the beginning of the year – It’s an awesome feeling, keep going everyone out there!!

Armando Saltiel

The only thing better than going through this program is going through it again the next year. Week 6, 2nd time.

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Ed Woods

Started the 10k Runner app on June 5 and ran my first 5K today! A Color Run if it’s not obvious, LOL! Anyway ran the whole course with a time of 33:27. Thrilled to finish! Thanks for a great app. Now onto the 10K!

Mona Just

Thanks. I started running using the app 8 weeks ago. Because my life was a bit too hard to handle.. I am 48 years old, 50% invalid (back problem) but now – I am a 5K runner!! And Proud!!

Becky Witte Meyer

I DID IT!! Started your app 2 months ago and ran my 1st 5k this morning, I ran the entire course! At 52 I decided it was time to chop away at my bucket list and so happy I found this app to achieve my goal, I’ve also found a new hobby that I love as well! If I can do this anybody can!

Char Glendening Ferry

After walking 11 5k’s – I decided it was time to move it. After 4 weeks of using my 5k runner app – I ran/walked a 5k in 41:20. Already registered for my next 5k (september 5th)… going to make it in less than 35 minutes. Thank you for helping me achieve a goal I never dreamed was possible.

Terry Trumbo

I have lost 67 pounds which all started by using your app. I am now running 4 miles at a time.

Joanne Hackett

I completed race for life today along with these lovely ladies. Could not have done it without this fab app!

Darren Jessica Casteel

I started the Couch to 5K program in February. I have since lost 45 pounds! I have come to love running 5K’s and even 10K’s. Yesterday I ran another local 5K race. I came in 5th overall and 1st in my age class 35-44! It hard to express how thankful I am to the Couch to 5K program. It has giving me a new life and health I have not had since I was a teenager!

Glenn Grayson

I feel really chuffed that 9 weeks ago I would have been out of breath running for 3 minutes, today I ran for 35 minutes and got my little 5K badge. Just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it. This is the first and only time I have enjoyed getting fit, if I can do it anyone can!

Nadia Camit Upton

The best app ever! I can feel my heart thanking me now. Farewell couch potato.

Catriona Smith

Awesome app! I just ran my first ever 10k run and showed my support for breast cancer research in Canberra #mothersdayclassic. A fairly steady pace – 1:03:05 – but for me it was more the realisation that it is possible!!! Thanks for your top tips.

Shivali Rathore

Thank you for creating such an amazing app! When I first started I could barely run for 30 seconds and a minute felt like I was going to collapse. I was always under the impression that my body wasn’t designed for running and there’s no way I could possibly run, ever. But your amazing app proved me wrong. Every day it was a battle to muster up the courage and motivation to lace up my running shoes and start your app. But after week 4, something amazing happened. My body and my brain clicked together and I became a well oiled running machine. Smashing through 5 min, 8 min, 10 min runs and not being winded is an amazing and self-gratifying feat. I would have never done it nor made it if I didn’t try your app! I can’t thank you guys enough!

Dafne Garizurieta

I officially finished the 5k training! I already ran my first race, however today I completed the program! Awesome app and will try the next level which could be 10k!

Tammy Munn

Ran my first 5k in Boston for Brain tumor Alliance on May 2. I am a survivor! Couch to 5k is so inspiring and I’m so glad to have done this! It’s life changing!

Casey Adams

Well blow me down! Tonight I completed the 5K Runner app and actually ran 5km. Have loved learning to run over last 8 weeks! Cannot recommend this app highly enough! Next goal: 10km!

Rachel Ferry

First 5K since using the App, a charity rainbow run. LOVED it! Thank you!

Fiona Higgs

Today I did my first ever 10k straight off the couch using your 10k runner and then the 10k pacer apps and got a PB at 56mins 19secs (chip time). Lost around 35lbs too. Brilliant apps thank you!

Blaine Ardeneaux

After using this app and upgrading to the 10k version I finally ran my first 10k and it was an amazing experience thanks for the training help!

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